Can anyone use the foot bath?

The Ionic Foot Bath should not be used by individuals,

who are epileptic or hemophiliac, or those with a pacemaker, implanted organs or on blood thinners.

It should also not be used by children under age 4, or during pregnancy or lactation.

There may be other situations in which you should not use this unit.

Please consult your health care provider if you are uncertain.


Is this an approved FDA product?

Detox Foot Baths have not, nor has the technology of Detox Foot Baths

been evaluated or approved by the (FDA) Food and Drug Administration.

Therefore, these statements contained herein are for informational purposes only.


Is this a medical device, can it cure or treat my illness?

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.

Ionic Oasis® makes no medical claims and makes no statements of validation.

Always consult with your professional Health Care provider before beginning any health care regiment.


Why does the water color change?

It is due to the interaction of the metals from the array,

sea salt, and minerals and impurities contained

in the water along with the individuals contribution, creating an ionic field with the water.

 The water will change color regardless of whether you have an individuals feet in the water or not,

because the metallurgic reaction of the array and the polarization of the solids and minerals in the water.

However; there will normally be 2-3 times the cellular debris

within the water when the session is combined with a individual.


How often can I do my sessions?

 Between the ages of 10 and 65, every other day not to exceed 3 times per week.

 Under 10 and over 65 the recommendation is no more than twice a week.


Why can't I do daily sessions?

Daily treatments may create a healing crisis as the body naturally eliminates toxins.

It may make you feel excessive fatigue. 


Can I touch the array during treatment?

 Absolutely, this will not alter the session in any way.

 WARNING: Never operate any other electrical or

electronic devices while you are undergoing your foot bath sessions


What are the bubbles coming from the array?

The bubbles are the separation of the hydrogen

and oxygen in the water as the ionic field is being created.


Does this create negative and positive ions?

Yes it does, due to the chemical composition of water.

It creates equal amounts of negative and positive ions.

It is not possible to create a negative ion without also creating a positive ion simultaneously.

It is the negative ions which are beneficial.


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