539 Keisler Dr.  Suite-203 
Cary, NC 27518
(inside Carolina Center of Massage Therapy)

Phone: 919-335-6835

Sunday: 3-6 PM
Monday: 10-5 PM
Tuesday: CLOSED
Wednesday: 10-5 PM
Thursday: CLOSED
Friday: 4:30-8 PM
Saturday: CLOSED
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Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.
-Matthew 11:28



Reserve Your Appointment:

Reservations are recommended to secure your preferred date and time of treatment as we do not accept walk-ins at this time. This can be done by phone, email, or online.

Expect your massage session to be customized to meet your needs 

  • A Wellness Intake Form, regarding your medical history, past and present, and anything that we need to be made aware of will be emailed to you along with your appointment confirmation.  Once you receive it, fill it out and it will be sent back to us securely.  If you wish to fill out the wellness form in our office, please arrive fifteen minutes prior to your session to do so.


  • Your session is a full 60 or 90 minute hands on.


Expect your therapist to ask you questions

Your therapist will consult with you and listen to your concerns as well as review them with you.  If there is anything that may pose as a contraindication, your therapist will let you know right there and then.  In the future, your massage therapist will continue to ask you about any changes that may have occurred since your last session to further better your experience.

After your consultation, your therapist will ask you to dress down to your comfort level.  Your comfort level is what you make it.  Most people dress down to the nude while others prefer to leave on their under garments.  If you have any concerns or questions, your therapist will be happy to assist you.

This would also be the time to silent all electronic devices.

Once you’ve dressed down to your comfort level, your therapist will knock to see when you’re ready.


Expect to drift away

You can also expect a relaxing session depending on your service of choice. The room will be dimly lit to set a relaxing and tranquil atmosphere.  The table offers a heating pad to ensure extra comfort in case you need it as well as a blanket.  Aromatherapy & hot towels are complimentary.

At any time, should you feel uncomfortable, please communicate your concerns or request to your Massage Therapist during the treatment.
  During your session, if you're doing a little more intensive treatment, such as, Lomi, Trigger Point, or Deep Tissue, you may find that you become:

  • stuffy or experience runny nose. 
  • dehydrated
  • very warm/or cool
  • growling stomach

Sometimes due to the lactic acid build up being released, it causes these things in your body to happen.  This is normal.

Overall, we not only want to assist you in meeting your goals but we want you to have a phenomenal experience!